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SYN 3 Synthetic OIL.

Syn3 0ne Liter Bottle

SYN3 - Synthetic lubricant from the Screamin'Eagle performance group


Q: What are the advantages of using SYN3?

• SYN3 can be used in the engine, the primary chain housing and the gearbox.

• Easier handling for the customer through usability in several areas.

• Better wear protection at high temperatures due to improved lubrication film strength

and reduced deposits ensure better cleanliness in the engine, transmission and transmission

Primary chain case.

• Reduced oil consumption, improved wear protection, high cleanability

Temperatures and total output in everyday operation.

• The use of only one lubricant reduces the risk of mixing with

incompatible lubricants or filling with an incorrect product.


Q: I always hear something from this product called SYN3, what is it


A: SYN3 is a synthetic product that can be used in three areas and is made from

three different synthetic basic substances mixed for us.


Q: Is SYN3 fully or semi-synthetic?

A: SYN3 is a fully synthetic lubricant. It is common in the industry that one

"fully synthetic" lubricant consists of polyalphaolefin (PAO) Group IV substances.

 SYN3 consists of PAO basic substances and is "fully synthetic"


Q: Who produces or mixes this product?

A: SYN3 is specially designed by Harley-Davidson for Harley-Davidson and Buell vehicles.





Q: Why does Harley-Davidson introduce a synthetic lubricant, if the

Traders and customers for years has been told that they should not use a synthetic lubricant in their

HD / Buell motorcycles?


A: Harley-Davidson did not recommend these aftermarket products, as there were no test results for the numerous oil types used in HD / Buell motorcycles.

 This product is exclusively manufactured for Harley-Davidson and is that

single product produced by the technical department at Harley-Davidson for use in

HD / Buell motorcycles that has been tested and certified.


Q: What tests has SYN3 undergone?

A: More than three years of laboratory tests, high-speed dynamometer tests, stability tests

on the road, stability tests on closed racetrack as well as wear and tear



Q: How many miles have motorcycles done during the development?

A: In addition to the lab tests performed during the formula development,

the further tests are divided as follows:

• Motor tests - 230,000+ miles of stability tests and 81 hours of Dyno tests

• Transmission tests - 200,000+ miles of stability tests and 430 hours of Dyno tests

• Primary tests - 170,000+ miles of clutch tests


Q: Is HD360 replaced by SYN3?

A: No, we just want to offer the customer an alternative lubricant from Harley-Davidson

and a formula which is characterized by high efficiency in

High-performance engines and in hot or cold climates.

SYN3 is an alternative lubricant that makes these engines run smoothly.



Q: Which cavities in the drive train can be filled with SYN3?

A: SYN can be used in the engine, the primary chain housing and the transmission.


Q: In which drive trains can the product be used?

A: Evolution XL, Evolution1340, Twin Cam and Milwaukee Eight (all displacement), Revolution and all Buell models.


Q: Can be this product in Shovelhead engines, 4-speed Big Twin transmissions, 4-speed XL engines / primary drives and early Shovelhead 5-speed transmissions?

A: Harley-Davidson has not tested SYN3 in these engine configurations.

Many tests must be carried out before a lubricant can be used in

Harley-Davidson engines, primary chain housings and gearboxes.

Many of these tests require that the components are brand new and then before the start

of the tests are checked for their dimensions (toleration), thus the wear on

each part can be measured. We were however not able to get a sufficient number

of new Shovelhead engines, Big Twin 4-speed gearboxes and Pre-Evolution XL engines

, which made it impossible for us to run all the tests required for the test


 SYN3, however, is approved for XL 4-speed gearboxes of the years '86 -'90.


Q: How stable is SYN3 when used in gearboxes?

A: The viscosity modifier in this product has improved the shear strength.


Q: Are the service intervals extended by using SYN3?

A: No, we recommend that the maintenance intervals recommended in the operating instructions

should be observed.


Q: If this product is a high-performance lubricant, why can the

Maintenance intervals not be extended?

A: Although SYN3 reduces the impurities in the engine, there is no lubricant in the engine

Position to reduce the fuel dilution (happens every time the engine starts).

Therefore, compliance with the normal maintenance plan for keeping the

optimal performance of your motorcycle is vital.

Lubricants begin to decompose at the moment the engine is started. The

long molecular bundles of lubricant are placed between the surfaces of the gears, pistons

and other moving parts.

SYN3 has been tested to ensure that the

Lubricant keeps the necessary protection for the engine, the primary chain housing and the

Gearbox inbetween the oil change intervals specified in the operating instructions.


Q: Does SYN3 have anti-wear components and does it help with rolling bearing wear?

A: SYN3 contains anti-wear substances to guarantee lubrication of all moving parts.


Q: A common problem with other available synthetic oils is the risk that

the rolling bearings in the ring "slide" or "float" and do not roll as desired.

How does SYN3 prevent this from happening?

A: SYN3 was prepared to provide better stability at high temperatures, a better

Shear strength and sufficient lubrication against wear (without the rollers

"slipping" or "swimming") and also keep the friction coefficients for a

correct clutch operation (without slipping).

Harley-Davidson does not recommend any lubricants that have not been tested from the

Harley-Davidson technicians as we cannot control the composition.

The Formulas for lubricants are often changed to reflect the changed ratings of the lubricant

American Petroleum Institute (API).

 API classifications Oils are tested and used for the Application in water - cooled automotive engines and diesel engines.

 There is no API classification (classification) for motorcycle engines.


has, together with its suppliers, analyzed and implemented the available petrochemical technology

specially developed for the company's mixed oil, which can be used in all three cavities of a

Harley-Davidson / Buell motorcycles.


Q: I still need an oil cooler for my high-performance engine or cool SYN3

more quickly?

A: One of the advantages of the SYN3 synthetic Oil selected by Harley-Davidson are, the polyalphaolefins (PAO) of Group IV and the additives that  have a better lubrication and cooling.

SYN3 was incubated at temperatures up to 148.8 ° C (300 ° F) for long periods without detectable

Decomposition phenomena. If someone has an oil cooler on his Harley-Davidson machine

we recommend an oil cooler from the original accessory for

optimal and tested performance.


Q: If the new bike is used, the oils can be drained and filled with SYN3 without

the warranty expires?

A: Yes, this product can be used as the first filling of a new motorcycle.

 The formula was created from Harley-Davidson for use in all phases of engine life

and does not have any adverse effects during the entry period.


Q: Do I have to empty all filling spaces filled with SYN3 completely?

A: Yes, it is not advisable to mix SYN3 with other lubricants.


Q: Because it is not advisable to mix OEM oils with SYN3, how should the technician or customer

 completely drain all OEM oils?

A: During maintenance, a residual oil remains in the oil pan.

The residual oil does not have to be totally "washed out".

 The tests were carried out under these conditions and SYN3 is approved to use for the

Replacement of factory filling.



Q: Should I add a dose of additive with every oil change?

A: No, an additive package has already been added to SYN3; other additives are not required.


Q: If I find during the ride that I need to refill engine oil, but SYN3

just is not available, what can I use then?

A: If SYN3 is not available and engine oil needs to be refilled first

try to use H-D 360 SAE 20W50 for engine lubrication. Although H-D 360 can be mixed with SYN3

it is recommended to replace the oil mixture as soon as possible.

When H-D 360

is not available, the second choice would be, an approved diesel engine oil as indicated in

the operating instructions; also, here it is advisable to to replace the oil mix as soon as possible.

!!Never use diesel engine oil in the primary chain housing or gearbox!!


Q: If SYN3 is not available can lubricant be replenished in the primary chain housing (Evolution 1340, Twin Cam and Milwaukee Eight), or can another lubricant be filled into the primary chain housing or gearbox when SYN is not available?

You must first try to use H-DP primary chain lubricant.

Although H-D primary chain housing lubricant is compatible with SYN3, we recommend to replace the oil mixture as soon as possible.

If SYN3 is not available and lubricant needs to be replenished into the primary chain housing and gearbox (common tank) on Evolution XL and Buell models, try to use H-D Sport Trans Oil.

Although H-D Sport trans-oil is compatible with SYN3, we recommend that the oil mixture should be replaced as soon as possible.

If SYN3 is not available and lubricant must be refilled in the gearbox (Evolution 1340 & Twin Cam or Milwaukee Eight), you cannot use a semi-synthetic HD gearbox lubricant.

Your HDL Team


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